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Human Resources and Consulting
Capital, Organizational Planning, Performance Managment, Budgeting, Talent Managment

Human Resource Consulting

SRBC offers effective and efficient specialized solutions to all aspects of human resource management with the professional and business associated client development, contracts, and client management.

Human Capital

We value your employees and their skills, competencies, abilities, and value to your business. Helping you hire, train, and manage your workforce within the limits of your budgets. We are assisting in managing your staff for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Organizational Planning

Creating an organisational structure for your organisation. In order to determine what positions and job description for each. Detailed job description assists in determining skills in your staff and evaluating your current employees and improving them if needed, helping to see your future to guide the path.

Performance Management

SRBC human resources planners ensure employees are properly managed to improve the performance of the company. This includes forecasting employees' needs and scheduling to avoid unnecessary labor costs or employee shortages, which slow down the business's productivity.


Programming the employees budgeting accordance to the industry. Planning human requirements which include other than salaries. Planning human-capital requirements and knowing the exact costs of each position you have, which can offer current employees in raises and bonuses.

Talent Management

Our HR managers asses work with managers to determine the skills required to improve and take steps to help employees get the essential training. Training methods include workshops, seminars, employees conferences.


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